The entire crop is hand-picked and carefully sorted before being put into vats. The grapes are kept in temperature controlled vats.
This method allows for fruit aromas as well as subtle and delicate aromatic reminders of the Moulin a Vent terroir to be gently extracted from the Gamay grapes.
The final and perfect balance of our wines is achieved through temperature controlled fermentation and barrel aging throughout the whole winter season.

  • Moulin à Vent-

    Moulin à Vent

    This well-balanced wine has typical aromas of violet with an emphasis on fruit, and comes from nine different vineyards of the Gamay varietal, which are located throughout the Moulin a Vent appellation. The refinement and richness of this wine is revealed by a soft wine making technique, maceration under CO2 and a six-month aging process in wooden vats and barrels

    Moulin à Vent-Dernier Souffle

    Moulin à Vent
    Dernier Souffle

    The vineyards where the appellation Moulin a Vent “Dernier Souffle” (“Last Breath”) is grown are located right next to the cemetery, in Romaneche-thorins. The plants are 60 years old and are hand harvested only. The terroir is mainly composed of granitic rocks. The wine is well structured and I always strive for a perfect balance between fruit and tannins. It is aged 8 months in French oak barrels.

    Moulin à Vent-Climat Champ de Cour

    Moulin à Vent
    Climat Champ de Cour

    This unique wine comes from 0.80 ha of old vines, which are located in the heart of the renowned ‘Champ de Cour’ terroir. It is surprisingly crisp and complex; it went through a partial CO2 maceration process during 12-15 days, a ten-month aging process in barrels, and is not filtered.

    Manganèse Rosé-Pétillant

    Manganèse Rosé

    The sparkling Manganese Rose is different from other sparkling wines. It has strong aromas of pears and peaches. I always make sure there are enough natural sugars in the wine and I keep a low level of alcohol (8% Alc. Vol.). The use of cold temperatures stops the fermentation process, thus preventing the use of too many sulfites. This wine is best consumed as an “aperitif” before a meal, or with some dessert. The terroir where the grapes are grown is rich in manganese seams, hence the name of the wine.

    Beaujolais Village-

    Beaujolais Village

    Our old vineyard of Beaujolais Villages is situated just behind the estate. It is a granitic terroir really next to the Moulin a Vent appellation. The vinification is short, between 7 and 9 days of semi-carbonic maceration in concrete tanks. Aging in wooden vats and barrels during 4 to 6 months get the tanins smoother. This Beauolais Villages is fruity and spicy, typical of our local terroir.